Charcoal Figure Drawing Experiment

I’ve been having a lot of fun with charcoal drawing lately. This figure drawing experiment was done using a combination of techniques and applications like willow sticks and general’s pencils. I also played with the erasing techniques and brushes to get a variety in technique. Besides executing a realistic figure drawing, I also wanted to communicate the emotion I was feeling at the time and tell a story. What emotions or stories come to mind when you see this drawing?

The inspiration came from a photo by Ryan Loco of one of my favorite MMA fighters in the UFC, Anthony “Rumble” Johnson.

Figure drawing in charcoal by Chris Legaspi

Morpheus Portrait Drawing

Morpheus portrait drawing in charcoal by Chris Legaspi
I’ve taken a break from painting and starting to draw in charcoal again. This portrait drawing of Morpheus from the Matrix films was done using a variety of techniques I learned from many great teachers like Richard Morris and Zhaoming Wu. The materials are General’s charcoal pencil, willow charcoal, bristle brushes for blending and th

Watercolor Portrait Experiments

self portrait sketch in watercolor by Chris Legaspi
I like watercolor because it’s fairly quick and easy to set-up and clean up. It’s my favorite medium for doing color sketching in my sketchbook or on watercolor paper. These images are some watercolor experiments done in my sketchbook.  As an artist, I’m working on my personal voice, telling stories and making more meaningful art

Portraits of Economists and Great Minds

Nikola Tesla portrait by Chris Legaspi
Over the last year I’ve become very interested in Economics, specifically Austrian School Economics. Strange hobby for an artist I know. But it is a fascinating topic and surprisingly easy to understand. These portraits are of some of the great minds in Austrian Economics both new and old. There’s also a portrait of the great […]

Mastering Head Drawing Online Class

head drawing online class with Chris Legaspi
Mastering Head Drawing is the first fully structured, head drawing focused online class. This is the first head drawing class to be offered by a professional artist, professional instructor and industry expert, Chris Legaspi. That’s me Click here to see my portfolio or scroll down to see head drawing samples below. Class begins Thursday, May

[VIDEO] Ludwig Von Mises Portrait Painting

ludwig von mises portrait painting
Painting of a young Ludwig Von Mises. Palette used: Ultramarine blue and Burnt umber, and Titanium white. The blue and brown was used to make the darks and greys which adds a lot of color and character compared to the usual plain black. Mises was an economist and author. He was a thought leader in […]

[VIDEO] Roger Ver Portrait Sketch

roger ver portait sketch by Chris Legaspi
This video is a behind the scenes look at my watercolor painting process. For this Roger Ver portrait sketch/tribute I use only 2 colors to make my tones, ultramarine blue and burnt umber. To add lights I use gouache. Paper is 80lb kraft paper in my sketchbook. Roger is a Bitcoin entrepreneur and investor. I’m […]

Russian Masters Study: Repin and Fechin Drawing

repin_study05 by Chris Legaspi
In late February, 2015 I began a journey to study Russian Academic drawing. I chose 2 of the most well known masters of the art, Ilya Repin and Nicolai Fechin.  Repin was a 19th century painter who helped to establish a tradition of realist, academic art in Russia and brought Russian art into the mainstream of European and western […]

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