Colorful Plein Air Painting at Caltech Pasadena

Plein air painting at Caltech by Chris Legaspi

This painting was done on the beautiful campus of Caltech in Pasadena. Even though the school is famous for Technical and Engineering training the campus is quite artistic and tasteful. It’s a favorite spot among local painters here in Pasadena and for good reason. The painting is 5″x7″, oil on canvas panel. The image below shows the setting of this painting:

painting at caltech campus by Chris Legaspi

Some process images below. About 1-1.5 hours painting time.

plein air painting process by Chris Legaspi

If you like my work and want to learn how to paint in color, visit my courses page:

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[VIDEO] Color Course Launch Update

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5 Minute Color Study Exercise

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NEW Color Course Pre-Launch Info

the laws of color vol 1 trailer
Coming in November, my brand new color course will be available on Gumroad.  The Laws of Color Vol. 1 is an exciting new course dedicated to color. This course is designed to take the fear and mystery out of color so students can paint directly in color with confidence. If you’ve been struggling  with color or are […]

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