Figure Drawings and Color Study from Life

These recent figure drawings and color study from life were done during a class with Mark Westermoe. All done in a toned paper sketchbook. Process image below.

figure quick sketch from life by Chris Legaspi

figure study in watercolor by Chris Legaspi

figure study in color process by Chris Legaspi

If you want to learn how to draw figures consistently from life or reference visit the courses page to learn more about classes available both in person and online:


[VIDEO] Bas Rutten Portrait Sketch

bas rutten portrait drawing by Chris Legaspi
Bas Rutten is a retired MMA fighter who was a former UFC heavyweight Champion and 3x King of Pancrase. In this 2 part series, I demonstrate the portrait drawing process. Topics covered include: lay-in (construction drawing) planes of the head rhythms and features light and shadow highlights on toned paper darks and dark accents final […]

Illustrative Skull Watercolor Painting

skull watercolor painting by Chris Legaspi
This skull watercolor painting was inspired by the work of David Grove. I recently discovered his work and I’ve become a huge fan. His work has the combination of (1) great design, (2) excellent draftsmanship and (3) bold and elegant color. It is truly a rare and awe-inspiring combination and something that I constantly strive for […]

Roddy Piper (They Live) Portrait in Watercolor

roddy piper they live portrait by Chris Legaspi
Another watercolor painting inspired by the 1988 classic documentary They Live, directed by John Carpenter. Roddy Piper plays the main character ‘Nada’ who uses special sunglasses to see the world as it is. Classic! Some process images below. Note the use of cool colors, especially green. Even though it is obviously stylized and “

Composition Studies

composition studies by Chris Legaspi
Studying tonal composition is one of the ways I work on my painting when I’m not at an easel. The practice of observing and recording the world as dark and light shapes trains my eye to not only compose pictures but to simplify the world. This ability to simplify helps me to communicate visually.  Even […]

Recent Figure Drawings

5 minute quicksketch by Chris Legaspi
I’ve had some time off recently to draw figures from life. These drawings and watercolors are from Mark Westermoe’s class. When I began learning figure drawing in L.A. I used a lot of charcoal pencil and newsprint. After 10 years I rarely draw on newsprint now, and instead I draw in my sketchbook using ballpoint […]

Watercolor Artwork Inspired by ‘They Live’

Roddy Piper from They Live portrait sketch by Chris Legaspi
I recently re-watched the 1988 documentary They Live, directed by John Carpenter and starring Rowdy Roddy Piper. The story and setting of the film really resonated with me. I feel this prophetic movie is more relevant than ever. These watercolor paintings were my attempt to express the emotion I felt after watching the film more […]

Conor McGregor Portrait Drawing

conor mcgregor portrait drawing by Chris Legaspi
My favorite MMA and UFC fighter is Conor McGregor. He is a polarizing athlete and many fans have mixed opinions. That is what makes him the most compelling fighter in recent history. This drawing was done using a charcoal in a variety of techniques and applications. The paper is Strathmore drawing 400 series.  

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