[VIDEO] Roger Ver Portrait Sketch

This video is a behind the scenes look at my watercolor painting process. For this Roger Ver portrait sketch/tribute I use only 2 colors to make my tones, ultramarine blue and burnt umber. To add lights I use gouache. Paper is 80lb kraft paper in my sketchbook.

Roger is a Bitcoin entrepreneur and investor. I’m a big fan of his work and philosophy. To learn more about Roger visit his website here.  For more on bitcoin, click here.

roger ver portait sketch by Chris Legaspi
Final sketch, about 8″x6″, watercolor on kraft paper.

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Russian Masters Study: Repin and Fechin Drawing

repin_study05 by Chris Legaspi
In late February, 2015 I began a journey to study Russian Academic drawing. I chose 2 of the most well known masters of the art, Ilya Repin and Nicolai Fechin.  Repin was a 19th century painter who helped to establish a tradition of realist, academic art in Russia and brought Russian art into the mainstream of European and western […]

[VIDEO] Portrait Sketch Oil Painting Demo

portrait sketch in oil by Chris Legaspi
In this 3 part portrait sketch tutorial series, I demonstrate an alla-prima (wet/direct painting) painting of a young attractive female. The medium is oil paint on gessoed paper. To watch Part 3, sign up for the Free Newsletter, Private School. Newsletter subscribers will get access to part 3 and other great free content, like the […]

[VIDEO] Eddie Huang Drawing Tutorial

Eddie Huang portrait sketch
Eddie Huang drawing tutorial/tribute video. Eddie Huang is a chef, entrepreneur, author and creator of the TV series Fresh off the Boat. Eddie is a thought leader in the growing movement of Asians doing big things in modern western culture. I’ve been a huge fan of Eddie since I saw his food show on the […]

[RAW Video] Charles Hu Figure Drawing Demo

Charles Hu figure drawing
Raw video footage Charles Hu figure drawing during a life drawing workshop.  Charles is a figure drawing master and good friend. Charles is the co-founder of 3 Kicks Studio in Pasadena, CA. 3 Kicks offers classes from some of the TOP representational artists in Southern California, including: Joseph Todorovitch Richard Morris Sean Cheetham Sunny A

[Video] Marker Rendering Techniques

marker renderings by Chris Legaspi
In this video I share my marker rendering techniques. This style of rendering, I use a combination of pen, markers and white pencil. For more in-depth training on shading, check out my Shading Techniques Course. To watch Part 2, sign up for the free newsletter, Private School. Newsletter subscribers get access to exclusive content like […]

[Video] Marker Sketch Demo

LA Metro Sketch by Chris Legaspi
Final Image                           To order L.A. Metro Sketchbook, click here:  http://selz.co/1uYLUen

L.A. Metro Sketchbook (1st Edition) Now Available

LA Metro sketchbook cover
Buy this on Selz Selz powering ecommerce websites   I’m very excited to announce the release of my first ever sketchbook! Woo hoo :). LA Metro is a collection of drawings, sketches and watercolors from my first year of not owning a car in the mega-city of Los Angeles. You get to go on a […]

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